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Moving Tips

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It may be no exaggeration to say that moving has millions of details, but not so much. Your situation and lifestyle will determine your move’s particular complexity, but there are some general tips and tricks for a move that will benefit almost everyone.

There are various hints, tips, and techniques to help you improve your move and save everyone involved. From our moving tips, you can learn even the most professional and proven techniques for safely turning large objects into delicate works of art, even objects that do not have such a “normal” shape. The easier it is for you to move, the more you can expect to be there once you finish it!

We prioritize the needs of our customers and provide individual attention and quality service to each client. Besides, we are committed to employing high-quality and humble professionals to serve our customers. More than half of our customers are the main reason for going back to Next Stop Moving.

Be Organized

Getting things done when you know your move date will give you plenty of time to resolve issues. Many people find it supportive of creating a folder, especially for sensitive documents associated with their long-distance move.

A folder can include receipts, tax files, appointments, and multiple lists. You want some lists, such as a list of important documents, a list of people or companies that need to be notified of the change, a list of items to get rid of, and a list of tasks to be completed. If you have items that require special handling during your moves, such as antique porcelain sets, glass decoration pieces, or furniture, talk to us about arranging these products.

Once you have an actual moving schedule, you can think of things like unplugging appliances from your old home and connecting them to your new home.

Pack Strategically

Start packing a few days before your move. Label the boxes, so movers know where to put them in the new house and what the boxes are. It helps you set your preferences when you start unloading or unpacking. When you begin packing, make a list of what you want to bring to your auto or airplane. Most of the folks prefer to carry smartphones, jewelry, cash, and other small precious items. Many people are also interested in vital documents such as insurance, birth certificates, diplomas, and car registrations.

If you want to use your mover’s packing services, make arrangements with them when planning the move. Packing tips:


  • Pack the most frequently used items first.

  • Start packing as soon as you know it is moving.
  • Never pack combustibles.
  • Make sure there is enough packing material.
  • Paste a list on the packing box about contents and parts. Pack them tightly.
  • Separate fragile and hard-to-break items. Mark the fragile box as “delicate.”
  • Cover the lamp with a shielding broadsheet and then the incubator. The base can be stored in a separate box.
  • Place soft items such as pillows and cushions in clean cardboard. You can separate them with a layer of clean paper.
  • If possible, pack the computer in its original box, wrap it in foam, seal it with another pillow, and put it in a sturdy box.
  • Carefully wrap the glassware in a clean protective broadsheet. Work each piece individually, group up to 3 pieces, and cover.


Moving day

You succeeded! With the help of professional movers like Next Stop Moving & Storage, you are armed with your personalized moving plan. We provide you the services that you need to complete your move. Your final checklist should include:

  • Stay on premises until packing and loading are complete.
  • Walk around the house to check that there is nothing left.
  • Let the van operator know how they can reach you.
  • Close your house.
  • Set the air and light to the away settings.
  • Confirm stopping the utility.
  • Return the old house keys.


Moving Tips

Best Movers Period

This was by far the easiest move ever with Next Stop Moving! The men assigned to move our house made it so easy. They were patient with my 4 year old son who wanted to help. We were very pleased with the level of professionalism they showed us during our move. They are the kind of men that you had no worries about having them around my family. Good men. Good company. Very good experience for our family.

Anthony V. of Boca Raton, FL


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